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Tips for pet-proofing your furniture

The month of May is National Pet Month and at Furnish 123 Austin, we absolutely love our pets! There are many reasons why owning a pet is a rewarding and beneficial experience (for you and your furry friend alike) – they provide love, they can encourage you to get more exercise, they can protect you in your home and, most importantly, you can help save an animal’s life by adopting! If you’ve been considering bringing a pet into your home, we can’t think of a better month to do so. Consider adopting a pet here in Austin and rescue an animal that is in need of your love.

Jasper was rescued from an Austin shelter!

As rewarding as owning a pet can be, there are always necessary concerns that come with providing a home for an animal. Whether they’re furry, feathered, fluffy or fuzzy, pets have the tendency to make your furniture their very own. BUT by taking the proper precautions, you can pet-proof your home and leave plenty of time for sofa snuggles with your fluffy friend. Here are a few of our favorite pet-proofing tips for your furniture:

  • Spray pet friendly lemon or bitter apple scents (or any other natural spray deterrent) on furniture. These are not harmful for your pet and simply produce a smell your pet will dislike. Always test a patch of hidden furniture first, though!
  • To prevent pets from jumping on your sofa or chair, try placing masking tape (sticky side up!) on the furniture. The tape will stick to your pets paws, drive them crazy and keep them from coming back.
  • Puppies and kittens tend to chew and destroy when they are bored. Keep plenty of toys around the house and exercise your animal during the day to keep them active and engaged.
  • Does your pet always gravitate to that one, special spot on the sofa? Consider buying a pretty throw to place in your dog or cat’s favorite sleeping spot to keep it looking fresh – and brighten up your room!
  • Keep lint rollers handy! They are a great quick solution to picking up any left behind pet hair.
Are there any tips we missed? Have you found a fool-proof way to keep your furniture fresh and new?

SXSW Survival Guide: Getting ready for couch crashers

SXSW is almost upon us Austinities, which for many of you readers means extended houseguests!  Having house guests can be a stressful situation for you AND for your guests, so below are our SXSW tips to survive the month of March.

The best way to maximize and turn a room in to a multi-functional space?  Sleeper sofas!  Turn your living room in to a giant slumber party where guests can both sleep and relax between  those British bands that you’re New Yorker friends have been dying to see.  Immediately, when furniture buyers think of sleeper sofas, they think twice as expensive as a regular sofa, but at Furnish 123, our sleeper sofas are still low priced, at $649.

Below is our sleek and stylish Marietta sofa in Onyx, and yes, it really is $649.

As stressed as you are getting your space ready for your guests, remember, your guests are stressed too.  So here are two little things that you can do to make your guests just a little more at ease, and take the pressure off of you:

Tip 1: Decorative Pillows Make Guests Feel at Home

A couple of decorative pillows on the bed or couch go a long way to bring warmth and coziness to a room. Show your guests that the space they will be inhabiting will really be theirs during their time with you and literally toss your decorative pillows aside as you get them settled in.  A small gesture like that lets your guests drop their guard and truly relax.

The best part? If you come in and sign up for our email list at the store, you get two pillows for FREE!

One of the most stressful things about being a house guest happens when it’s time to take a shower.  Thoughts that may go through your mind:

Can I go ahead and take a shower?  When do they take a shower?  What about towels?  Are they in the bathroom or in the bedroom?  I don’t want to open up their cabinets to look for a towel!

Tip 2. Hang Towels Where Guests Can See Them —

Why not address these potentially stressful questions by not just showing your guests where the bathroom is, but by hanging their towels where they can see them.

Tip 3. Give Guests An Outline of Shower Times —

Can’t get off from work to join in on the SXSW fun?  Give your guests a quick outline of what time you typically leave for work and what time your shower time usually takes place.

Tip 4.  There’s no such thing as too much bedding —

Most people only have enough bedding for the number of beds they have in their home, but when house guests are involved, it never hurts to have extra in easy reach.  Accidents happen, and let’s face it, SXSW is notorious for party hopping.  After a long night, stomachs and that last open bar may lead to messy accidents, so have your extra bedding handy.  It’s not something you want to be caught without in the middle of the night!

Stop by F123 and pick up an extra set or two to avoid the midnight scramble.

The Furnish 123 family hope you and your guests enjoy the SXSW fun!