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Do it yourself: furniture arrangement

One of the most challenging aspects of designing a small space (or any space!) is the furniture arrangement. Because the task can be so overwhelming, we wanted to share with you a few easy tips and tricks to arrange furniture as easily as possible!

1. Draw a floor plan of the room. Take in to account all windows, doors and outlets. Be sure to measure the major furniture pieces that you’re planning to put in the room. Then, sketch out your floor plan to scale on graph paper or use or easy to use Create Your Own Space app on our site to see how it will all look together!

2. Decide on the room’s focal point. Is it a fireplace, big bay window, your television? Let the focal point dictate where the rest of your furniture will go.

3. Create walkways! Make sure your traffic lanes allow several feet of space to facilitate easy movement through the room.

4. Consider the room’s overall function. How will you be using the room? How do you want the room to feel? Answering these questions will ultimately guide your room design.


What tips do you follow when arranging your furniture?