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Playing with Color: Our Top 5 Resources for Color Palettes

If you’re planning on doing some major redecorating in the future but your less than large budget is dashing your lofty renovation dreams, incorporating unexpected or unique colors into your new design is a great way to change the feel of your room without breaking the bank!

The best way to get started with incorporating color is to draw inspiration from photos of current rooms, landscapes or even clothing that you like. Let the color combinations inspire you. At Furnish 123 Austin, we love drawing inspiration from all the local art that graces our walls!

It may sound easy but sometimes it can be downright difficult to know just where to begin when choosing the perfect color scheme. If you don’t have natural design skills, there are fortunately some great online tools and resources for finding the right color palette and generating color schemes. Here are our top 5 color palette tools & resources:

1. Color Scheme Designer

A current favorite, Color Scheme Designer helps you select complementary colors on a beautiful color wheel. With triad, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic color palettes this tool has a lot to offer.  You can also export color lists easily!

2. Kuler

A web-designer’s perfect tool is also great for home design use! Kueler is an Adobe Labs color palette that allows you to generate your own color palette or explore other’s color palettes, then export straight to Adobe Creative Suite applications. It’s simple and clean format makes finding your perfect palette fun.

3. Color Hunter

Have an image from your latest vacation that you want to re-create in your bedroom? Color Hunter lets you upload an image to create a color palette – awesome!

4. COLOURlovers

An interactive, creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns – a great resource whether you’re beginning in color theory or an old pro.

5. Make it Yours Column on DesignSponge

While not necessarily a tool, the Make it Yours series on DesignSponge is a great resource for color inspiration. This weekly column helps users find paint, products and home decor to capture a room’s color look completely.

For inspiration from one of our locals check out Austin Eavesdropper blogger’s bohemian inspired space featured in in the Austin American Statesman!


What are your favorite color combinations? Have you used any of these color palette generators before?

Maximizing your small space

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Small is fun, easy and let’s face it: cute!


The way we see it, you can go one of two routes when furnishing a small room or home. On one hand, you can work the smallness to your advantage and create a cozy, intimate space OR you can make the small area feel larger, more airy and just plain bigger with a few easy tricks!

Here are our favorite suggestions for making your small space seem just a little bit larger:

  • Open the room up with light, soft wall colors. If you’re looking for that open and airy feel, light colors are a sure bet in brightening up a small space. But don’t be afraid of bolder wall colors, they can actually work to your advantage if paired with the right furniture.
  • Put some thought into the way your furniture is arranged! Sure, this may seem like common knowledge but often time furniture can stand in the way of a walkway and general flow of the room.
  • Utilize creative storage spaces. Shelving units are your friend! They allow you to maximize storage space and still make it stylish. Think about squeezing in shelves into corners to really make the most of the room. Vertical units also maximize the most of your space by taking up space upwards, not outwards.
  • Keep it clean and clutter free! Your mom was on to something when she told you to pick up after yourself. But seriously, a clutter free space can make the room feel its actual size.
  • Try to utilize dual purpose furniture. We love our little cube ottomans – they open up to storage space and can also serve as a mini coffee table to hold drinks and snacks!
  • Lighting makes a difference. Bring in lots of lamps to create a softer look in the room and open it up.
Do you live in a small space? Do you try to make it look bigger or stick with the cozy look? Any tricks you’ve used to make a space appear larger?