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How to: find your perfect apartment

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment in the city you live in now or are moving to a whole new city, finding an apartment takes work. It can be hard to know all the details about a neighborhood and whether it will be a good fit until you’ve really spent some time there. Luckily for you, there’s the Internet and lots of great resources to make finding your perfect apartment as easy as possible!

  1. Prioritize. Figure out what your non-negotiables are for your new apartment. Proximity to the grocery store? Brand new appliances? An apartment gym? Know what you must have and what you can live with out to help narrow down and focus your search.
  2. Keep an open mind. Maybe you thought you knew everything about a particular neighborhood but try to look at each new place with an open mind. You might surprise yourself and end up in an awesome place you never would have expected.
  3. Research. Do your homework on the Internet first – there are so many resources out there so start taking advantage of them. Google is a great place to start to give you a general base of knowledge. Look for user-generated forums, like on Yelp, to determine the personality of an area and see if it will be a match. Check out Craigslist, too, for a real look at the area’s vibe. Tools like WalkScore are also great for figuring out what is close by and whether the area is walkable. Last but not least, try to find some blogs written by community members. This last research might take a little bit more time but ultimately can give you a clear understanding of area’s energy.
  4. Visit. Now that you know so more information from your Googling, get in the car and scout out your potential new neighborhood! Drive around and check out what you like and what you don’t like. Plan to stop in to area restaurants and businesses and really get the feel the place.
  5. Shop around. If you are lucky enough to have the luxury of time, you might as well take advantage of it! Check out all of your options beforehand and know that when you do sign the lease, you’ve made a well-informed decision.

Happy apartment hunting! Any apartment search horror stories?

Maximizing your small space

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Small is fun, easy and let’s face it: cute!


The way we see it, you can go one of two routes when furnishing a small room or home. On one hand, you can work the smallness to your advantage and create a cozy, intimate space OR you can make the small area feel larger, more airy and just plain bigger with a few easy tricks!

Here are our favorite suggestions for making your small space seem just a little bit larger:

  • Open the room up with light, soft wall colors. If you’re looking for that open and airy feel, light colors are a sure bet in brightening up a small space. But don’t be afraid of bolder wall colors, they can actually work to your advantage if paired with the right furniture.
  • Put some thought into the way your furniture is arranged! Sure, this may seem like common knowledge but often time furniture can stand in the way of a walkway and general flow of the room.
  • Utilize creative storage spaces. Shelving units are your friend! They allow you to maximize storage space and still make it stylish. Think about squeezing in shelves into corners to really make the most of the room. Vertical units also maximize the most of your space by taking up space upwards, not outwards.
  • Keep it clean and clutter free! Your mom was on to something when she told you to pick up after yourself. But seriously, a clutter free space can make the room feel its actual size.
  • Try to utilize dual purpose furniture. We love our little cube ottomans – they open up to storage space and can also serve as a mini coffee table to hold drinks and snacks!
  • Lighting makes a difference. Bring in lots of lamps to create a softer look in the room and open it up.
Do you live in a small space? Do you try to make it look bigger or stick with the cozy look? Any tricks you’ve used to make a space appear larger?

Furnish 123 Austin at the University of Texas Housing Fair

On February 23, 2011, F123 Austin participated in the University of Texas Housing Fair.  We we’re very excited to meet UT students and introduce them to our products.  Before we headed to the fair, we designed the “showrooms” that we would place in the tent at our stores.

On Housing Fair day, the sea of Longhorns was amazing!  

Our tent was a great place for students to not only experience what F123 Austin had to offer, but to take a load off.  We really got to know some students!  Throughout the day, we raffled off two of our living room storage cubes.  Below is a photo of our two winners.

We learned a lot about University of Texas Students during our time at housing fair!  We also met representatives from student oriented apartments, so to better serve the student community, we will be partnering with various housing options that are available to students to assist them with furniture options for their college pads.  Look for special offers in the near future!  For the students that bought a coupon for $100 worth of furniture for $25, don’t forget that your coupons are good till October 3, 2011!  We look forward to seeing you at our store!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!