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Guest Post from Maureen Stevens: My first adult furniture – white tufted chairs

We are inspired by the fabulous style and impeccable taste of Austin designer and blogger Maureen Toribio-Stevens.  She was brought to attention by Austin blogger, Tolly Moseley of Austin Eavesdropper after we posted a comment on our F123 Facebook wall about wanting to use local designers as our guest designers and bloggers at F123. Tolly suggested that we check out Maureen. We did  and we loved what we found: Maureen has a beautiful online shop called  The Inglenook Decor   which features lovely home accents and modern vintage furnishings. Her blog, Inspired Mrs. Stevens, chronicles her design finds and adventures.

She and Tolly will be guest blogging this month about their furniture adventures. They will also design a space at F123 which will be showcased at the Back to School Bash on Tuesday August 30th, at the F123 store.

Today, Maureen shares her memories of her very first furniture purchase because you never forget your first. Welcome, Maureen!

I had been envisioning white tufted chairs to be in my living room for a couple of years before I decided to finally get a pair. They were a bit on the expensive side (well, to me!).

Eleven years after I graduated from college, I finally realized I deserved them! They are classic, sophisticated and would be on my list of favorite things for years to come.

Me and my daughter lounging in the chairs after I got them

I love them so much, I use them in vignettes time and time again!


Such beautiful chairs and SUCH a good first furniture purchase!

Now, want to hear about your first “adult” furniture purchase!  How old were you? Do you still own the furniture piece? And if you haven’t bought a big furniture piece yet, just tell us what want your first big furniture purchase to be.

Here’s how you can win:

  1. To enter to win, you can swing by the Furnish 123 store (6601 Burnet Road) and share a story or photo of your first (or worst) furniture purchase on our “Conquest Wall” or “Wall of Shame.” Haven’t bought any furniture yet? That’s okay – just share what you would buy your first time! We know there’s something you have your eye on. When you share your first or worst in the store, you’ll receive a FREE throw blanket from us.

    Free when you enter!

  2. Guests attending the F123 Back to School Party on Tuesday, August 30, will vote for their fave entry, and the winner will be hooked up with a brag-worthy sofa, a dinette set with chairs and a table, or a dresser drawer chest.

Facebook posts of your firsts and worsts are welcome but only in-store entries will count.

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